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Three Ponds Tour

W skrócie

  • Start: Bad Schandau, National Park railway station
  • Cel: Bad Schandau, National Park railway station
  • średnia
  • 38,08 km
  • 4 h
  • 456 m
  • 495 m
  • 114 m

Our tour starts at the S-Bahn station in Bad Schandau. On the first section we cycle downstream on the Elbe cycle path to Königstein. At the roundabout in Königstein we head towards Pfaffendorf and now cycle a few metres along the Biela, which flows into the Elbe in Königstein. After about 100 m we keep to the left and follow the road, which now leads us steeply uphill. Soon we meet the Pfaffendorfer Straße, which we follow further uphill. Now, after about 100 m, a hiking trail branches off to the right towards the Quirl table mountain. We follow the path along the edge of the forest, which leads us steeply uphill almost to the plateau of the Quirl. Afterwards, the path goes comfortably downhill for a while. Soon we meet the Kirchleitenweg, which we turn left onto. We follow this through the forest until we meet the state road towards Cunnersdorf. There we turn right, pass a forest car park on our left and shortly afterwards we come across the Ladeweg bridge on the left, which we cross. From here we follow the hiking trail with the white-green-white symbol and have to pedal hard again. We cycle along the Ladeweg, which merges into Lampertstraße after about 1 km. Immediately afterwards we have reached the first of the three ponds, the Neuteich. We continue to follow Lampertstraße and the white-green-white symbol and shortly afterwards pass an idyllic rest area where we can take a break. A little later, our path meets Lange Straße, which we follow to the left. At the next fork in the road, we keep to the right and continue to the edge of the forest. There we meet the Brandweg, which we turn left onto. Shortly afterwards, we reach a crossroads with a covered hut where we can take a short rest. We then continue straight ahead on the Sommerhübelweg until after about 1 km we turn left onto the Kuhgassenweg, which merges into the Alte Tetschner Straße. Now we are back on the hiking trail with the white-green-white symbol. We follow Alte Tetschner Straße in an easterly direction and can now let it roll a little after the long climb. Finally, we reach a T-junction. Here we turn right and see the Fuchsteich pond immediately on our left. Directly behind it is the border line to the Czech Republic. After the short detour to the idyllically situated Fuchsteich, we turn around and cycle to the Alte Flößerbrücke, where we turn right. We now follow this path in a northerly direction until we meet the Mittlerer Hühnerbergweg. Here we turn right. Soon after, we cross the Taubenbach stream over a bridge and then turn right. A little later we see the pigeon pond on our right. This is an opportunity for a short rest, as the trail then climbs uphill again for a short distance. We continue to follow our path and now the white-yellow-white symbol. Soon we are in the valley of the Krippenbach stream and can now let it roll comfortably - following its course downstream. Finally, we reach the state road 169, which we turn right onto. We pass the Forstmühle and Rölligmühle (6) and after about 4 km we reach the outskirts of Krippen. We cycle through Krippen with its numerous picturesque half-timbered houses to the Elbe. From here we cycle a short stretch along the Elbe cycle path to reach the starting point in Bad Schandau.

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