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Terrain course TK 2: Birkenhäuser circular path

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  • Start: tourist-information office
  • Cel: circuit
  • 5,17 km
  • 1 h 7 min
  • 103 m
  • 735 m
  • 608 m

very demanding path, path length: 5.7 km walking time: 1h 25min; 1 h 05 min Nordic WalkingATTENTION: No longer signposted! - Print out the tour plan or use it on the go

The Ringweg leads initially with a slight and then with a steeper gradient to the scattered settlement of Birkenhäuser. This is followed by a very demanding, steeply rising route back to the city. After leaving the village, the path leads through wide open landscapes; after that, forest and field alternate on a small scale. There are good views from Oelsnitzer Strasse and Schilbacher Landstrasse.

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