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Panoramaweg Schwarzenberg

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  • Start: Parking lot old town (Hammerweg)
  • Cel: Parking lot old town (Hammerweg)
  • średnia
  • 13,81 km
  • 4 h 5 min
  • 422 m
  • 591 m
  • 422 m

Circular hike on mountain heights around the town of Schwarzenberg - Pearl of the Ore Mountains

Start at the car park "Am Hammerweg" below the old town, from here continue along the Kirchsteig or take the inclined lift up to the church (access to St. George's Church and Schwarzenberg Castle). Passing the Schwarzenberg information centre, you leave the old town following the yellow markings via Schneeberger Straße to Galgenberg, on to Becherberg and then via the Waldbühne viewpoint (681 mNN) to Bermsgrün. From there, hike down into the Rosental valley and via the Erla-Crandorf district back out of the valley to the Eisenstraße road and the Freitaggut estate. From there you walk downhill through Ottenstein Park and Totenstein Park back to the starting point of the hike.

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