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Neustadt - Hohwald Cycle Route

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  • Start: Train station Neustadt
  • Cel: Train station Neustadt
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  • 39,62 km
  • 3 h
  • 610 m
  • 525 m
  • 317 m

This nature-inspired cycle tour takes you around Neustadt in Saxony. A detour to the Unger with its lookout tower is a must. You can also enjoy the atmosphere in the Hohwald forest.

The tour starts at the railway station in Neustadt. Follow Bahnhofstraße north for about 100 m and then turn left into Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. Follow this street, cross the traffic lights and continue on Maxim-Gorki-Straße. After about 700 m, turn left onto Mittelweg. After a short time, cross the bridge over the Polenz River on the right. You are now on Inselweg, which you follow to the next crossroads. Then turn left and immediately right again. There you are again on Mittelweg, which you only leave after approx. 800m on "An der Lücke" to the right. You are now heading for the Polenz Hereditary Court, where you turn right onto Polenztalstraße.You are now on the Neustadt circular cycle route, which is marked with a "blue dot on a white background". Leave Polenztalstraße to the left onto Cunnersdorfer Straße, then turn into Mittelweg and left again onto Cunnersdorfer Straße. Follow this road until you reach Flämmigtweg, where you turn left. Pass the forest pool and follow the markings until you reach the S 156. Turn left there. After a while you reach the turnoff to Krumhermsdorf, which you turn into. Now follow the path until you reach the fire station in Krumhermsdorf. There you turn left. Cycle along the road "Am Bahnhof" and keep left in front of the station to continue along the cycle path. If you continue along this path, you will reach a forest car park after some time, where you can turn right to visit the Unger and climb the lookout tower on the Ungerberg (537 m). With or without a visit to the Unger, you then cycle downhill until you reach the S 154. Here you cycle a short distance on the right-hand side of the state road and then follow the cycle path again on the left-hand side. Pass the forest stadium to reach Rugiswalde. At the volunteer fire brigade in Rugiswalde, turn left onto Talstraße. Follow this road, which then becomes "Am Berg". At a small pond turn left onto "Kochs Weg". In the next 1000 m there is a passage with a steeper gradient. At the end of "Kochs Weg" turn left into the village street. Cycle along this road to the Raupenberg inn.Continue along Raupenbergstraße in the direction of the CZ border crossing and, just before the border, turn left onto Alte Waldstraße. Now you cross the Hohwald forest following the markings.At the information board, which clearly shows all the cycle paths in the area, turn right. This is followed by a hilly passage that leads past small ponds. After about 2 km, turn left towards Niederottendorf. Following the path, you reach Bischofswerdaer Straße, into which you turn right. At the junction with Rückersdorfer Straße, cycle to Rückersdorf, crossing the S 156 again.In Rückersdorf, the route continues to the left at the fire station. Now stay on Mühlstraße, which becomes Wachbergweg. After the exit and the railway subway, you reach an industrial estate, through which you continue to the S 159. When you reach the state road, turn left onto a short section of cycle path that runs parallel to the state road. After about 300 m you cycle into the street "Am Erbgericht". There is another descent before you reach the Erbgericht Polenz, where it is better to be a little more careful as this road has transverse water channels. At the Erbgericht, cycle back to the station along the familiar route.


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