"Meissner 8" - South route

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  • Start: Meißen
  • Cel: Meißen
  • średnia
  • 36,80 km
  • 2 h 47 min
  • 300 m
  • 269 m
  • 97 m

Through romantic valleys and past former numerous mills

Start is in Meißen at the bus station. The route takes you past important sights of Meißen, such as Albrechtsburg Castle with the cathedral, St. Nicholas Church in the old town and the porcelain manufactory. Continue over the Semmelsberg, Taubenheim, Sora, Klipphausen through the Prinzbachtal, Constappel and back to Meißen. Discover the rock of the gods, the Pechstein cliffs and historic mills along the way.


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