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Lesna- Kalek-Tour (Short version)

W skrócie

  • Start: Lesna
  • Cel: Lesna
  • 20,45 km
  • 3 h 4 min
  • 441 m
  • 911 m
  • 675 m

This short version of the longer trail via Kalek might be a bit more challenging technically at the beginning. However, the track through the Bohemian Ore Mountains is just as suitable for beginners and starts off with trails through spruce forests and continues west on forestry roads. A long descent will take you down to the small border town of Kalek. From there, the route continues gently uphill and back to the start. The last kilometres back to Lesna are a leisurely affair on smooth asphalt. By the way, you might well manage to see some shy red deer in the unspoilt forest of the Ore Mountains ridge, so keep your eyes peeled when cycling through this beautiful bit of countryside! 


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