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Leipzig-Elbe Cycle Route – Saxon Countryside at its Best

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  • Start: Leipzig
  • Cel: Schirmenitz
  • średnia
  • 83,94 km
  • 5 h 42 min
  • 155 m
  • 183 m
  • 94 m

Idyllic spots, lakes and mills line this a little less known cycle route between Leipzig and the Elbe.

The Elbe Cycle Route is the most popular one in Germany. And you can get there from Leipzig too, on the Leipzig-Elbe track that is a bit of an insider tip and can easily keep up with its ‘big brother’. Along the route, pretty villages alternate with the idyllic countryside. Meadows, forests, ponds and river wetlands dominate the scenery. Some further highlights are the landscape park of Machern Palace that was designed in 1782, numerous Saxon village churches and the old town of Wurzen, featuring mills whose towers can be seen from afar. Overall, the region is full of mills and also offers many opportunities to take a dip in natural ponds and lakes.

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  • Żwir (18%)
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