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Kögler's nature trail

W skrócie

  • Start: Krásná Lípa railway station
  • Cel: Krásná Lípa railway station
  • trudna
  • 26,12 km
  • 9 h
  • 708 m
  • 586 m
  • 349 m

With 39 information boards and an official length of around 24 kilometres (excluding detours), the Kögler nature trail is one of the most beautiful nature trails in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. It is a circular hike, which can also be done in 2 stages, from Krasna Lipa mainly along the Lusatian thrust, where the Lusatian granite plate meets the Elbe sandstone plate, and provides a lot of interesting information about the nature, history and formation of the region.

The circular hike starts and ends in Krásná Lípa and leads from there via Maškův vrch to Kjyov to Kyjovské údolí, where you can also spend the night if you want to split the tour into two stages. From Kyjov, you return to the starting point via Vlčí hora, where you will pass many other interesting places and viewpoints. The nature trail is around 24 kilometres long, but it is worth taking a detour or two along the way to visit some of the more striking places.

The profile of the route is not very demanding and the paths and tracks are relatively easy to hike. Only Kyjovské údolí and the ascent and descent to Vlčí hora are a little more challenging.


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