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Kammweg Trail Ore Mountains - Vogtland

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  • Start: Geising in the Eastern Ore Mountains
  • Cel: Blankenstein in Thuringia, hiking hub
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  • 288,01 km
  • 3 Dni 5 h 45 min
  • 6186 m
  • 1215 m
  • 412 m

True, there are regions that are more famous, as are their long-distance hiking trails. But it’s also what makes the Kammweg trail so charming. Whispering fir trees instead of noisy metropolises, livestock instead of stock exchange, and picturesque villages instead of tourism hot spots.“Glück auf!”, as the German miners say to wish each other good luck before going underground. On more than 285 kilometres, the Kammweg trail crosses the Ore Mountains and the Vogtland. Whether you want to hike the whole tour or only a section for a few days – the Kammweg trail is an all-rounder! The Kammweg trail gave us the chance to really experience what we were doing. In these high-speed modern times, we found peace of mind and our very own rhythm. And very slowly, we realized that quicker is not always better. Sabine M. and Joachim L.

Livestock instead of stock exchange – come in and unwind. The Kammweg Trail Ore Mountains - Vogtland with its many breathtaking views is the perfect place to do just that. Rare rock formations, blossoming mountain meadows, shady woods or refreshing valley creeks make hiking fun and relaxing. On the way, you will also encounter exceptional traditions and culture, like remnants of the rich mining history, rare crafts and steam trains.

Signposting: From start to finish, the Kammweg Trail Ore Mountains - Vogtland is marked with a blue horizontal line and the lettering KAMM according to the guidelines for quality trails of the German hiking association.

Come in and unwind also means: go hiking and broaden your horizon. Just for once no phones, no mails, and no checking of stock prices. On the Saxon-Bohemian mountain ridge, in the middle of nowhere, nature is still intact. An exciting fauna, unspoiled nature, breathtaking views in a surprisingly beautiful landscape – that is why hiking has such a calming effect here.

Note: On some stages, restaurants and accommodations are scarce. Please read up about the opening hours prior to your hike. We recommend some rucksack provisions for the way. The local tourist informations and the tourism associations of the Ore Mountains and the Vogtland will gladly provide you with information.

It would be our pleasure to take care of an all-inclusive package for you to make sure you can relax and really enjoy your hike! Recommendations for your hiking holidays

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