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Kammweg Section 06 "From Kühnhaide to Satzung"

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  • Start: Marienberg (district Kühnheide), Parking lot Schwarzwassertal
  • Cel: Marienberg (district Satzung), Hirtstein
  • średnia
  • 13,97 km
  • 4 h
  • 182 m
  • 890 m
  • 700 m

Hiking territory for explorers! Geology is boring? Far from it! If you walk along the Kammweg, you will always be surrounded by interesting geological phenomena. At Hirtstein you will even find one of the most fascinating natural monuments in Europe: the basalt fan. This phenomenon is solidified lava that flowed out millions of years ago and solidified into a fan.

The valley of the Black Pockau, usually just called the Black Water Valley, is a nature reserve in a class of its own. Our path leads idyllically along the Grüner Graben, which was once artificially created for mining. Through the forest we come to the Kühnhaide sports grounds. Soon we reach the Stengelhaide moor nature trail. Here is a peat bog that has existed since the last Ice Age. Now it is worth taking a short detour. On the right, you walk on wooden planks to the lookout tower, from which you have a wonderful view of the moor. Continue along the wooden footbridge, rejoin the ridge trail and you come to Reitzenhain. The village lies directly on the Czech border. The road (B 174) is one of the oldest and most used roads in Germany. Coming from Hamburg, it leads via Leipzig and Reitzenhain on to Prague. Soon the most impressive geological highlight of the day, the basalt fan at Hirtstein, awaits us. A brilliant photo motif and with its 890-metre height a great viewing mountain. The Bärenstein, our next stage destination, can also be seen. We now turn our attention to culinary delights. The Hirtsteinbaude offers a good opportunity for this. Or we hike on to Satzung. The Erbgericht inn, which was granted brewing rights as early as 1799, is now widely known for its home-style cooking.

Milestones: Hiking car park Schwarzwassertal - Grüner Graben - Kühnhaide sports field - Stengelhaide moorland nature trail - Reitzenhain - Reißigmühle - Hirtstein lookout mountain (890 m).

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