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Hohnsteiner Kasperpfad (“Punch Trail“)

W skrócie

  • Start: Hohnstein car park “Eiche”
  • Cel: Hohnstein car park “Eiche”
  • łatwa
  • 2,56 km
  • 50 min
  • 77 m
  • 334 m
  • 258 m

The so-called “Hohnsteiner Kasper“ (Hohnstein Punch) is a famous character and was created by Max Jacob who set up a puppet theatre in Hohnstein in 1928 with his characteristic figures featuring carved heads. A stage was set up first in the local castle and later in its own theatre, attracting guests from far afield. Up to this day, the famous puppets are being produced in Hohnstein, and there is a yearly puppet theatre festival in town.

The “Hohnsteiner Kasperpfad“ reminds visitors of a major tradition in this town. It starts at the “Eiche“ carpark where hikers can pick up leaflets at an information point. Follow the trail markers (a red dot) and you’ll automatically get to the trail’s eight stations. You’ll start off by walking along the street to Ehrenberg before getting to a trail to the left where you’ll find the first station. Continue here while enjoying the view of the town. Then cross the street and follow the markers through the town, past a herbs garden and up to a subway where you’ll have to turn left. The trail now runs along the foot of Hohnstein Castle. End by visiting the Punch exhibition in the tourist office, before returning to the car park.


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