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Hinterhermsdorf discovery tour

W skrócie

  • Start: busstop Hoffnung Hinterhermsdorf
  • Cel: busstop Hoffnung Hinterhermsdorf
  • średnia
  • 16,94 km
  • 6 h
  • 542 m
  • 427 m
  • 246 m

This interesting circular hike in the Hinterhermsdorf area close to the border leads through the picturesque Kirnitzschtal valley and from there back via Königsplatz and Brüdersteine. Along the way, you can discover an interesting staircase and a few caves as well as wonderful and breathtaking views.

Half of the route runs along forest roads and forest tracks and the other half along forest tracks and forest paths. The steps at Hermannseck are not very difficult, but should only be tackled if you are sure-footed. The profile of the route is also not very high at around 550 metres in altitude, but includes a few longer ascents and descents, which is why the tour is defined as moderately difficult. Apart from that, however, any effort is worthwhile, as the Kirnitzschtal valley offers pure nature and wonderful views from the Königsplatz and the Lindigtblick.


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