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Hike on the Montanhistorischer Wanderweg: from Berggießhübel via Bad Gottleuba to Oelsener Höhe and back

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  • Start: Berggießhübel
  • Cel: Berggießhübel
  • średnia
  • 23,30 km
  • 6 h 26 min
  • 512 m
  • 643 m
  • 291 m

...from Berggießhübel via Bad Gottleuba to the Oelsener Höhe and back.Historical events up close - that's what awaits the hiker on this tour. Especially on the way from Berggießhübel to Bad Gottleuba and further to the Kulmer Steig, you will be transported back into mining history. The highlight in the truest sense of the word is the ascent to the Oelsener Höhe, the highest elevation in Saxon Switzerland. The route back is slightly different via the Hohlen Stein and the Panoramahöhe.

Marie-Louise-Stolln visitor mine - "Saxon House" - flood memorial - former Hänsel mill - Giesenstein Castle - Haselberg hammer estate - mound grave on the Kulmer Steig - road to Oelsen and Breitenau - new Oelsen cemetery - Oelsen church - Hohler Stein - (detour right up the slope in the direction of Panoramahöhe - Bismarck tower) - Berggießhübel - St. Peter's church Berggießhübel - starting point


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