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Hike from Königstein over the Lilienstein to Kurort Rathen

W skrócie

  • Start: Königstein
  • Cel: Rathen Spa
  • średnia
  • 11,20 km
  • 3 h 33 min
  • 460 m
  • 409 m
  • 113 m

From the fortress town of Königstein, the route leads up to the striking table mountain, the Lilienstein. After a short climb, a great view opens up over large parts of Saxon Switzerland. On an idyllic path through the forest, the tour leads to the spa town of Rathen and to Amselsee, where you can take a leisurely gondola ride. You can learn interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains at the nearby Amselfallbaude National Park Information Centre. The starting point in Königstein is best reached by S-Bahn from Kurort Rathen.

Königstein - Elbfähre - Halbestadt - Ebenheit - Lilienstein - Markierung blauer Strich (Fernwanderweg) - Kurort Rathen -  Amselsee - Kurort Rathen Gierseilfähre übersetzen auf andere Elbseite - Bahnhof


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