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Highlight route Meissen's old town

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  • Start: Roßmarkt
  • Cel: Roßmarkt
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  • 2,57 km
  • 44 min
  • 44 m
  • 146 m
  • 102 m

Discover Meissen's historical monuments and secret places on foot.House-specific QR Codes offer fascinating insights into the reconstruction of Meissen as a cultural and historical treasure.

The more than thousand years old "cradle of Saxony" enchants far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city with its winding alleys, contemplative restaurants and its historical and magnificent architecture. A visit to the old town of Meissen is like a journey into the past. Almost at every corner there are culturally and historically significant old town houses to discover. The Monument Route leads through the lovingly restored, historic old town of Meissen, which is characterized by Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Over cobblestone cobbled alleys, romantic squares and streets lined with baroque and renaissance buildings, the route leads to the most beautiful sights of the wine and porcelain city of Meissen. A total of 25 historical monuments are visited along the route, including the late Gothic town hall, the magnificent Renaissance portal and, of course, the proud architectural ensemble consisting of Albrechtsburg Castle, cathedral, bishop's palace and canon courts, which rises magnificently above the old town of Meissen.

If you not only want to marvel at the magnificent buildings, but are also interested in additional information, you should have your smartphone ready. With the help of QR codes, one is directed to a website set up for the monument route, which provides exciting background information on the objects.


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