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From Pirna to Krippen

W skrócie

  • Start: Pirna
  • Cel: Krippen
  • trudna
  • 50,52 km
  • 14 h 47 min
  • 705 m
  • 535 m
  • 118 m

This challenging bike tour takes us over the peaks and through the valleys between Pirna, Bad Gottleuba, Rosenthal-Bielatal to Krippen.

The starting point is Pirna railway station. From here, drive to the B172, then turn left to Clara-Zetkin-Straße. Continue straight ahead on Rottwerndorfer Straße to Neundorf. Here you follow the Gottleuba to the spa town of Berggießhübel. There, cross Hellendorfer Straße onto Eisenstraße until you reach Bahratal, where you cycle along the road to Hellendorf. Cross the bridge and after 400m turn left onto the Sächsische Mittelgebirge cycle route: via Bohlenschneise and Glasergrund to Ottomühle, continue along Bielagrund to Schweizermühle, where you turn right to Rosenthal. Keep right there and after 500m turn left into Winterleitenstraße. After a climb, turn right onto Matheusweg to Cunnersdorf. Here you leave the Sächsische Mittelgebirge cycle route and follow the cross path to Papstdorf on the left, where you cycle via Kleinhennersdorf to Krippen - the end of the tour.


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