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From Goßdorf via the Panorama Trail to the Beuthen Falls in the Kirnitzsch Valley

W skrócie

  • Start: Goßdorf railway station
  • Cel: Beuthenfall stop
  • łatwa
  • 7,56 km
  • 2 h 30 min
  • 224 m
  • 324 m
  • 142 m

This long-distance hike with impressive views of Saxon Switzerland leads from Goßdorf along the fantastic Panorama Trail to the Beuthen Falls in the Kirnitzsch Valley.News: The Schaarwändeweg is currently closed on a length of 1.8 km due to forestry work in the private forest. Please use the Folgeweg trail.

With a length of about 7.5 kilometres and only a slightly longer ascent from Gossdorf-Kohlmühle to the Adamsberg, the trail can be classified as relatively easy, but offers particularly beautiful and impressive views. In addition, you pass through the small but nice villages of Altendorf and Mittelndorf and thus gain an impression of rural life in Saxon Switzerland. At one point - at the so-called Schaarwiese - you also have the impression of looking down on an alpine meadow in the Alps before you reach the Kirnitzschtal valley.

Finally, if you like, you can take a ride on the historic Kinitzschtalbahn railway from Beuthenfall through the picturesque Kinitzschtal valley to Bad Schandau or even hike along the also very interesting 9 km long Flößersteig (raft trail) along the Kinitzsch to Bad Schandau!


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