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Flaje Dam Tour

W skrócie

  • Start: Train station in Neuhausen
  • Cel: Train station in Neuhausen
  • 50,91 km
  • 4 h 46 min
  • 894 m
  • 837 m
  • 531 m

From the train station in Neuhausen, you’ll be setting off towards Sayda and from there further east and through the forest towards Reschenberg. Near Holzhau the tour continues southwards and you’ll cross the border into the Czech Republic. Continuing south on peaceful roads, you’ll pass the Fláje dam and cycle over the concrete dam with a nice view on the lake. You’ll then make your way up the road to Klíny, the highest point of the tour, and after that it is downhill all the way and back to Deutscheinsiedel. After crossing the border back into Germany and a fast downhill track in the forest you’ll arrive back in Neuhausen. 


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