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E- Bike tour Oberwiesenthal - outdoor pool Rittersgrün

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  • Start: k1 sporthotel Oberwiesenthal via Rittersgrün
  • Cel: Oberwiesenthal
  • średnia
  • 33,95 km
  • 5 h
  • 722 m
  • 1139 m
  • 633 m

An e-bike tour Oberwiesenthal to the idyllic natural pool of Rittersgrün!  Between two active parts on the bike you can cool down lovely to refresh.

iThe tour leads from Oberwiesenthal over the Erzgebirge ridge to Rittersgrün.

The route is shady and mainly leads through a wooded area.A cool breeze usually blows.

Once you will arrive in Rittersgrün , you can refresh yourself in the natural pool and cycle back.

The tour is quite strenuous because you have to use your battery for the way there and back and you can´'t always power with full support.

It is advisable to go in a more intensive mode on the way there drive and save the power for the way back(a lot uphill).

Important :pack water and snacks.There is no kiosk in the outdoor pool.

Entrance is cheap.The pool is always open in summer when the weather is right.


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