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Castle Tour

W skrócie

  • Start: Heidenau
  • Cel: Pirna
  • średnia
  • 34,80 km
  • 2 h 15 min
  • 378 m
  • 395 m
  • 118 m

On this tour you can discover some sights such as the baroque garden Großsedlitz, Weesenstein Castle or Kuckkuckstein Castle. You will pass picturesque villages. However, most of this tour leads along busy roads that do not have an extra cycle path.

You start the castle tour coming from the S-Bahn stop Heidenau/Großsedlitz in the direction of the B172, which you then also cross. The path continues to the right along Apfelallee. A demanding, difficult climb awaits you. The path leads you directly to the Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden, one of the most famous Baroque gardens in Germany from the time of Augustus the Strong. At the next crossroads, continue straight ahead onto Neubauernweg. When you reach the nursery, turn right onto a gravel path, which forks into two descents after a short distance. Please keep left here on the Schilfteichweg. This leads you to the second oldest town in Saxony, Dohna. At the end of Schilfteichweg, turn onto Weesensteiner Straße into Müglitztal. At the next junction, keep left and continue on Altenberger Straße to Weesenstein. You will soon catch sight of the 800-year-old imposing and romantic Weesenstein Castle. Continue on Altenberger Straße until you reach the left turn-off for Burkhardswalde (Am Bahnhof). After you have mastered the steep and long ascent, drive through Burkhardswalde in the direction of Großröhrsdorf. In Seitenhain turn left into the Seidewitz valley. A great descent awaits you. Please note that this has a steep gradient at the end and you should start braking a few metres beforehand as a precaution. At the crossroads, turn right towards Liebstadt. Kuckuckstein Castle in Liebstadt is picturesquely situated on a rocky outcrop above the Seidewitz river valley. Now cycle back along the same path along the Seidewitz river towards Pirna. Here you can really enjoy the cycle tour, as the path to Pirna leads exclusively downhill. It passes the old Zuschendorf country palace, resplendent in baroque splendour. At the next large crossroads, turn left into Zehistaer Straße towards Pirna and then follow Einsteinstraße to the left until you reach the B172. Cross the B172 and turn left into Maxim-Gorki-Straße to reach the bus and S-Bahn station. 


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