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BRIDGE Way- South Tour

W skrócie

  • Start: Moritzburg castle parking lot
  • Cel: Moritzburg castle parking lot
  • łatwa
  • 11,50 km
  • 2 h 51 min
  • 29 m
  • 196 m
  • 168 m

The paths of BRÜCKE artists in the south of Moritzburg.

The southern tour starts at the north side of the Schlossparkplatz. Leave the parking lot via the driveway and walk along Schlossallee to August- Bebel- Straße on the opposite side. From there, walk through the Fiedlerstraße residential complex. At the turning loop, use the stairs, then turn left into Schlossallee. After 200 m turn right into Borngartenweg. At the next crossing turn left into Markt and after 100 m turn left again at the fork into Roßmarkt. After the bus stop turn sharp right into Bergstraße, at the end turn left into Kötzschenbrodaer Straße. After 300 m turn left at the fork into Brauhofstraße until you reach the village pond. Now walk back 50 m until you reach Schließerstraße. At the next crossing turn right into Windmühlenweg. At the end of the road run sharp right a field path to Kötzschenbrodaer Straße. Follow the road for about 1 km until you reach a small hill. Walk around the Dippelsdorfer pond onto Großenhainer Straße until you reach the district of Dippelsdorf. At the intersection, walk left into Teichstraße until you reach the Red House. Leave the property via the parking lot and in the direction of the train station "Friedewald Bad". Here you have the possibility to take the Lößnitzgrundbahn back to Moritzburg. Alternatively, go left after the rail crossing and walk back to Moritzburg. To do this, use the BRÜCKE path signs past the Bad Sonnenland.

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