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Bike bus cycling tour: Around the Bad Gottleuba Dam

W skrócie

  • Start: Berggießhübel
  • Cel: Berggießhübel
  • średnia
  • 25,56 km
  • 4 h
  • 452 m
  • 593 m
  • 274 m

Between April and October, the bicycle bus takes you comfortably from Pirna to Berggießhübel at weekends and on public holidays and you can even take e-bikes with you to conquer the first metres of altitude from the Elbe valley.

From the Marie-Louise-Stolln visitor mine, drive along Gersdorfer Straße to Gersdorf. Turn left in the centre of the village and drive to Börnersdorf. Follow the road to Breitenau. At the Alte Oelsengrundstraße, you meet the long-distance hiking trail E3 marked with a blue stripe and cycle along it parallel to the dam. Keep left at the state road to reach Bad Gottleuba and shortly afterwards the starting point in Berggießhübel.


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