Berlin-Leipzig Cycle Route

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  • Start: Leipzig
  • Cel: Bad Schmiedeberg
  • średnia
  • 54,45 km
  • 3 h 43 min
  • 130 m
  • 170 m
  • 83 m

Mostly flat, this route leads through forests and spa towns.

If so inclined, you can make it from Leipzig to Berlin in five days. In Saxony, the route will take you through enchanting sceneries and is blissfully flat, however, features many attractions, such as the forests of the nature park “Dübener Heide“ (Düben heathland), the charming promenades in the spa towns of Bad Düben and Bad Schmiedeberg, 1,000 year-old Castle Düben and, last but not least, the many water and wind mills along the way. 

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  • Nieznane (3%)
  • Ulica (42%)
  • Asfalt (36%)
  • Żwir (13%)
  • Szlak wędrowny (3%)
  • Ścieżka (4%)


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