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Around Gelenau

W skrócie

  • Start: Erlebnisland Kegelsberg, Kemtauer Straße, 09423 Gelenau
  • Cel: Erlebnisland Kegelsberg, Kemtauer Straße, 09423 Gelenau
  • średnia
  • 14,07 km
  • 3 h 45 min
  • 267 m
  • 578 m
  • 423 m

Beautiful panoramic views await you on this tour. You will also pass gems such as Gelenau’s “Fliegenpilz” (giant toadstool) and the Buschmühlenteich pond.

The hike starts at the Erlebnisland Kegelsberg amusement park, where the observation tower provides a panoramic view. Set off along an educational path. Turn left onto Eisenstrasse, which runs past little gems such as the “Fliegenpilz” (giant toadstool) and the Kemtauer Felsen rock. You’ll now come to meadows and fields, offering great views of the Ore Mountains ridge. Continue to the picturesque Buschmühlenteich pond and the Tischl rest spot in the Abtwald forest. Later, you will pass the Imkerei Böhm honey farm with farm shop, as well as the Pohl-Ströher Collection, which is well worth a side trip. With a sweeping view of one of the longest towns in Germany, the route takes you along Plattenstrasse to the church and Gelenau’s town hall, with its charming inner courtyard.

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