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A walk through the Nikolaivorstadt of Görlitz

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  • Start: St. Peter's Church, Görlitz
  • Cel: Nikolaizwinger, Görlitz
  • łatwa
  • 3,71 km
  • 1 h 30 min
  • 59 m
  • 225 m
  • 182 m

Take a walk to the oldest part of Görlitz and visit St. Peter's Church, Holy Sepulchre and St. Nicholas' Cemetery.

This tour takes you from St. Peter's Church, along the Via Dolorosa to the oldest part of the city, the Nikolaivorstadt, to the Holy Sepulchre and back.

During the tour you will pass the Nikolaiturm, which once was part of the city's defensive fortification. The Nikolaizwinger is located next to the Nikolaiturm. Here you will also see parts of the old city wall. 

It is also possible to visit the St. Nicholas' Cemetery, where the grave of Jacob Böhme, mystic and theosophist and maybe the city's most famous son, is located. Not far from the cemetery is the Finstertor, the last city gate which is still existing. The Finstertor was mentioned in a document in 1455 as "City gate near the death guard" for the first time. The half-timbered house next to the Finstertor was used as residence of the executioner.  Because of his dishonourable profession he had to live out of town. You can see the inscription "1666 - L.S.B." at the so called executioner's house. This inscription refers to the executioner Lorenz Straßburger. 

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