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14 Eight-thousanders in the Eastern Ore Mountains

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  • Start: Altenberg (train station)
  • Cel: Altenberg (train station)
  • średnia
  • 73,68 km
  • 21 h
  • 1977 m
  • 906 m
  • 568 m

The Himalayas in the Eastern Ore Mountains! The 14 peaks over 8000 dm! Enjoy breathtaking views and hidden secret places on a unique tour.

Frank Meutzner, the Saxony mountaineering guru par excellence, had the crazy idea to bring the Himalayan eight-thousanders to the Eastern Ore Mountains. And he succeeded!


However, the peaks here are measured in decimetres, so we have a great and fascinating hiking trail in the Altenberg recreational area, which connects the Eight Thousanders of the Ore Mountains.


From Geisingberg via Lugsteins to Pöbelknochen. You can climb the 14 different peaks in different ways. On foot, by bike or even on cross-country skis. Very experienced hikers can do it in two days. However, you can also take a more leisurely approach and "climb" the peaks in several stages. On this hike you can fully discover and enjoy the beautiful authentic nature of the Eastern Ore Mountains. After completing the hike, you can also declare that you have climbed several eight-thousanders.

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