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The State Operetta brings Broadway to Dresden and continues the era of the Golden Twenties with its great shows, revues, musicals and operettas.

The Dresden State Operetta is one of only a few stages of comic opera in Europe. Its repertoire consists of all three genres that are cultivated here: operetta, opera and musical combine the new with the popular and the familiar with the surprising. Here you can experience "Countess Mariza" or "The White Horse Inn" but also "Carmen" and "The Magic Flute" as well as "Jekyll & Hyde", "Chess", the musical by the two ABBA-men, or Gershwin's Dresden musical "Pardon My English". The Dresden State Operetta is also famous for its unique cultivation of works of Johann Strauss. On the schedule are not only classics of operetta as "The Gypsy Baron", "Vienna Blood" or "The Bat" but also "Prince Methusalem" - another work by Johann Strauss that can only be seen in Dresden.

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State Operetta in Dresden
Kraftwerk Mitte 1
01067 Dresden

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tel.: +49 (0) 351 32042222
faks: +49 (0) 351 32042629
www: www.staatsoperette.de

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