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In one of the most beautiful houses of Görlitz, the museum presents nine centuries of Silesian history.

For centuries Silesia was a part of the German language and cultural area. Today the country belongs to Poland with small areas in the Czech Republic and in Germany. In Germany the largest Silesian town is Görlitz.

The Silesian Museum openened its permanent exhibition in one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in the old town of Görlitz - the Schönhof in 2006.  Visitors can follow the changing fate of the country within an area of some 2.000 m². They can also admire Silesian arts and crafts from the 17th to the 19th Centuries, while objects illustrating everyday life, trade and industry, life in the city and art give a detailed insight into the Silesia of the 19th and 20th Centuries.  Moving on from the catastrophes of the 20th Century, which led the country to tyranny, war and expulsion, the exhibition looks at Silesia today - a country striving to regain its former position as a bridge between nations.

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Silesian Museum Görlitz
Brüderstraße 8
02826 Görlitz

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