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Modellbahnland Erzgebirge – World of Adventures for Young and Old

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Largest track1-installation in Europe. Faithful reproduction of the upper Ore Mountains around Annaberg-Buchholz in the year 1980.

Since 2001, the rural district of Annaberg has been undergoing a growth spurt reflected in a railroad scenery on a scale of 1:32, whose impressive and successful development, meanwhile, deserves to be called the longest and greatest track-1 facility. Based on the unique design of the railroad trains of the upper Ore Mountains, the visitors might get a feeling of being transported back into the 80s. The three-dimensional map measures about 770 square meters including animations of 30 computer-controlled trains and switching move units. But – watch out: every half hour, the spot´s turning pitch-black. It´s not due to a technical failure, but an artificial nightfall bathing the model railroad in a night ambiance. Once dusk has settled, you will see the lights filling the 450 model buildings, streets and plazas.

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Modellbahnland Erzgebirge – World of Adventures for Young and Old
Mittelweg 4
09488 Thermalbad Wiesenbad

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www: www.modellbahnland-erzgebirge.de

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