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Handwerk & Gewerbe Museum Sagar (Museum of Crafts)

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7 buildings show the economic development of the last 100 years in the region of Bad Muskau.

The museum, on the site of a former sawmill, is a real treat, especially for fans of technology. The highlight of the exhibition is the still-functioning steam engine built in 1897 by the Richard Hartmann company of Chemnitz. In addition, the Crafts and Trades Museum shows numerous other exhibits from the past and it documents the historical and economic development of this part of the Upper Lusatia region.

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Handwerk & Gewerbe Museum Sagar (Museum of Crafts)
Skerbersdorfer Straße 68
02957 Weißkeißel

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tel.: +49 (0) 35771 60896
faks: +49 (0) 35771 64744
www: www.museum-sagar.de

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