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Bautzen-Budyin Tourist Information

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2 languages, 8 museums, 17 towers, 20 types of mustard, 40 old town pubs, more than 200 dinosaurs, 1,000 years of history.

You can see and experience a lot in Bautzen. Above all, it is renowned for its historical town centre with its skyline of mediaeval towers. Bautzen is the centre of the Upper Lusatia (Oberlausitz). The uniqueness of the city lies in the variety of its attractions - the well-preserved and painstakingly restored historical old-town, interesting German and Sorbian cultures and the surrounding countryside which offers the visitor a wide diversity of landscapes and leisure activities.

A tour of the old city with visits to churches, museums or galleries is always a rewarding experience. We can give you here a glimpse of some of the many attractions that you will find, but you have to experience it yourself to fully appreciate the beauty of the city.

Tip: "Stadtrundgang interaktiv" (interactive city walk) – at www.tourismus-bautzen.de, discover towers, museums and Bautzen's most beautiful corners in the historic city centre.

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Bautzen-Budyin Tourist Information
Hauptmarkt 1
02625 Bautzen

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tel.: +49 (0) 3591 42016
faks: +49 (0) 3591 327629
www: www.tourismus-bautzen.de

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