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Hotel Am Bühl

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The Hotel Am Bühl - Das Blaue Wunder in Eibenstock is the ideal pleace for relaxing days in the Ore Mountains. Located on a hill, you have a perfect view over the Eibenstock dam, the highest drinking water dam in Germany, which is also known as the “Erzgebirgsmeer”.

Whether you are on vacation with the whole family, or looking for relaxation the Badegärten Eibenstock located next to the hotel, planning an active trip through the Ore Mountains or just for fun - the Hotel Am Bühl in Eibenstock has something to offer for everybody.

The picturesque landscape of the Erzgebirge Vogtland Nature Park with extensive forests and gentle mountain ranges invites you to recharge your batteries and experience fulfilling holidays - in summer and winter. We look forward to welcome you to Eibenstock, Your Hotel Am Bühl team

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Hotel Am Bühl
Am Bühl 1
08309 Eibenstock

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tel.: +49 37752 560
faks: +49 37752 56888
www: www.hotel-blaues-wunder.de

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