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In our holiday home in Bertsdorf / Hörnitz you can rent two separate apartments, each with two bedrooms, individually or together.
When setting up, we tried to provide you with all the comforts you know from home.
You can walk to Lake Olbersdorf in about 20 minutes. Enjoy your stay at the gates of the baroque city of Zittau and at the foot of the Zittau Mountains. Located directly in the triangle, our holiday home serves as a stepstone to the neighboring polish and czech metropolises, but also for trips to the historic old towns of Bautzen and Görlitz, Dresden, which can be reached in 1,5 hours by car, and numerous places in the vicinity with their traditional half-timbered houses.
Hiking tours, bike tours and climbing rocks in the middle of a picturesque landscape await you as well as wellness offers in the nearby lido "Trixibad" in Großschönau.

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Ferienhaus Rahle
Beethovenstr. 10a
02763 Mittelherwigsdorf - Bertsdorf

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tel.: (0049) 35837976345
tel. kom.: (0049) 1733770611


Lutz Rahle
Hartmannsberg 6
01705 Freital

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tel.: (0049) 35164181532
tel. kom.: (0049) 1733770611

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