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Located in north Dresden on the edge of Dresden Heath, the Akademiehotel will delight you with its unique atmosphere. The building ensemble is an elegant blend of both historic and modern architecture, and welcomes you with a well-lit foyer offering wonderful views across our verdant campus. Our location gives you all the benefits of close proximity to both delightful countryside and the artistic and cultural jewels of the Saxon capital. You can be at the Semper Opera House in twenty minutes and check in at the airport or pull onto the motorway in just five - no rush, no fuss. Whether you are leaving the restaurant to take a walk through the woods, strolling back to the hotel from your workshop or making your way from your room to the city centre, the convenient on-campus location and excellent transport links enjoyed by the Akademiehotel mean it is always quick and easy to get from A to B.

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Königsbrücker Landstraße 2
01109 Dresden - Klotzsche

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tel.: (0049)351 457 3010
faks: (0049)351 457 3015
www: www.akademiehotel-dresden.de

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