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Pleasure studio

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A little bit restaurant, a little bit bar. A little bit separate, a little bit lounge. The Genuss Atelier is actually all in one and a cozy hotspot for all those who like to relax, chat or even do business - and enjoy delicious treats to go with it. The restaurant in Dresden's Neustadt combines a relaxed, informal atmosphere with star cuisine. In the vaulted cellar of a sandstone villa built in 1902, chef Marcus Blonkowski conjures up creative dishes between regional diversity and international innovations. The price-performance ratio is certainly also special: all products are of select quality, but still affordable. Promised, in this restaurant you will feel well: In a living room atmosphere, art and cuisine are combined in a unique way. Even a separate exhibition invites you to explicitly try, taste and discover. The Genuss Atelier - a special experience!

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Pleasure studio
Bautzner Straße 149
01099 Dresden

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tel.: 0351 25028337
www: www.genuss-atelier.net

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