Haus des Buches - House of the Book

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Haus des Buches is a modern literary centre with a link to the tradition of the buildings of the Grafisches Quarter.

In place of the bookseller's house, which was destroyed in World War II, a new literature centre, the Haus des Buches, was built between 1995 and 1996 on behalf of the "Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels" (German Publishers & Booksellers Association) according to designs by the planning association Angela Wandelt and HPP Leipzig. The red brick ensemble is one of the most remarkable new buildings of recent years, the construction of which continues the tradition of the city's Grafisches Viertel.

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Literaturhaus Leipzig e.V.
Gerichtsweg 28
04103 Leipzig - Reudnitz-Thonberg

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tel.: +49 0341 / 3085108 - 6

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