Göltzschtal Gallery-Nicolai Church Auerbach

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The right address for different cultural events and interests.

Well known in the city of Auerbach and around the whole area is the Konzert- und Ausstellungszentrum Göltzschtalgalerie Nicolaikirche.

In rotative exhibitions they show mostly contemorary pictorial art, as well as themes of environment and nature, politics and history.The offered events are arranged for all types of target groups and all different generations. So you can find chamber music, cabaret and theatre, rock, pop and hip hop, jazz, recitations and readings on equal terms on stage. 

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Göltzschtal Gallery-Nicolai Church Auerbach
Alte Rodewischer Straße 2
08209 Auerbach/Vogtland

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tel.: +49 (0) 3744 211815
faks: +49 (0) 3744 213903
www: www.goeltzschtalgalerie-nicolaikirche.de

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