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UNESCO World Heritage Day in Olbernhau

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History comes alive in Olbernhau under the motto "Discover and experience diversity"  In 2019, the Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří mining region was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The World Heritage Association is celebrating the anniversary year with special events. One of the highlights will be the UNESCO World Heritage Day celebrations. On 2 June 2024, the central celebratory event will take place on the grounds of the Saigerhütte Grünthal in Olbernhau.
After a church service in the Oberneuschönberg church, the Saigerhütte in Grünthal will host the World Heritage Mile. Here you can take part in guided tours of the Saigerhütte site, listen to traditional Erzgebirge street music and savour the regional gastronomy. The highlight is the World Heritage concert with orchestras from Schneeberg, Olbernhau and Freiberg at the Lange Hütte. The event concludes with a grand mountain parade followed by a mountain ceremony in the Saigerhütte.
Experience the cultural world heritage of the region up close!

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UNESCO World Heritage Day in Olbernhau
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