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Start of the season in Leipzig city harbour

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Opening of the 2023 summer season at Stadthafen Leipzig

Spring is just around the corner and warm temperatures are awakening spring fever in Leipzig. Stadthafen Leipzig will also take advantage of the good weather and start the new season from 24 March 2023. The start of the season will be heralded with a joint spring clean-up on the water.
With the Clean-Up Day, the Stadthafen not only wants to set an example against rubbish in the waters, but also to preserve the unique natural experience of Leipzig as a water city. The city harbour team and pupils from Leipzig's sports high school will work together to remove rubbish and litter from the Elstermühlgraben to Stelzenhaus area and from the Karl Heine Canal. Preparations for this are already in full swing. Stadtreinigung Leipzig will provide the pupils and the staff of the city harbour with rubbish bags, grabs and gloves free of charge. The collected rubbish will then be disposed of properly. 

After the Clean-Up Day, Leipzig City Harbour will start the new season. Leipzigers and guests will then once again be able to hire kayaks and canoes or explore the city from the water on a sightseeing tour on electrically powered motorboats. The rental station at Schreberstraße 20 is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

During the season, all guests can again look forward to great events and music programmes at the adjacent city beach. The opening of the city beach is expected to take place on 29 and 30 April, the last weekend of next month. A colourful selection of food and drinks will cater for your physical well-being. Whether refreshing cocktails or delicious burgers - there will be something for every taste. There will also be a variety of music on the beach stage this year: from live bands to DJs to small concerts, there will be something for every music lover.

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