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Special exhibition "Sleeping Beauty - The fairytale castle in a flowery dream"

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The Great Wendelstein of Hartenfels Castle served as the backdrop for the DEFA film "Sleeping Beauty" from 1971. The exhibition, which runs until 31 December 2023, presents the basic motifs of the fairy tale of the "Sleeping Beauty" in an interactive picture book, as collected and told in various European countries.
The Torgau exhibition also highlights selected literary variants and cinematic adaptations of the fairy tale in the 20th and 21st centuries. The fascination of the rose blossom, the historical significance of flax and the old craft technique of spinning are also explored. The highlight of the exhibition is a photo station.

Rediscover the classic fairy tale. Learn exciting details about the history of the fairy tale of the "Sleeping Beauty" and slip into the role of the fairy tale characters yourself - fun for the whole family!

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Schloss Hartenfels
Schloßstraße 27
04860 Torgau

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tel.: + 49 3421 758 - 10 54

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