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Special exhibition "Romanticism adé! Robert Sterl's path to Impressionist landscape painting".

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The painter Robert Sterl does not belong to the Romantic painters, but he dealt with this period very intensively. As a station on the Malerweg, the Künstlerhaus is therefore a worthwhile addition on the trail of the Romantic painters. In 2024, a special exhibition is planned that will show Robert Sterl's path to the Impressionist landscape painting. In addition to thematic special tours, a reading from letters by Robert Sterl, Carl Bantzer and other open-air painter friends as well as artistic workshops on the subject of landscape painting are planned as part of this exhibition.

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Robert Sterl Haus
Robert-Sterl-Straße 30
01796 Struppen

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tel.: 035020 70216
www: www.saechsische-schweiz.de/en/explore/caspar-david-friedrich

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