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Special exhibition "Königsmacher. 1423 - A Wettin becomes a Saxon".

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600 years ago, a special milestone in Saxony's history occurred: the Margrave of Meissen, Frederick the Disputed, received the Saxon electoral dignity and thus a particularly powerful position in Europe. The exhibition "Königsmacher. 1423 - A Wettin becomes a Saxon" from 21 October 2023 to 20 October 2024 at Albrechtsburg Meissen. Exciting exhibits and activities allow visitors to delve deep into the history of Saxony and explore the question of who "the Saxons" actually are and how they got their name.
The starting point is the year 1423 in the Mark of Meissen, when a bitter power play took place in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation over the Saxon electorship to be awarded. Margrave Frederick the Quarrelsome seizes his unique opportunity and rises to become Elector of Saxony. He is now allowed to elect the king together with six other German electors and thus joins the elite club of kingmakers. The exhibition is dedicated to the person of Frederick the Quarrelsome, his path into the circle of the most powerful and his new tasks.
The exhibits under the impressive Gothic vault of Albrechtsburg Castle take visitors back to that time. They learn how a king is elected, what fate awaits the undecided and can even take a seat on the king's throne themselves. The subjects of the electors are also brought to life and tell of their view of the royal election and the worries and hopes associated with it. In the last room of the exhibition, the result of a special hands-on activity is presented: Following in the footsteps of Saxon history, citizens were able to contribute a private object and thus add a personal touch to the exhibition.

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