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Special exhibition "100 Years of Eleven-Dot Angels" at Wendt & Kühn

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For a century, the Elfpunkte angels - plain wooden figures, usually only a few centimetres tall - have enchanted people all over the world and touched the depths of their souls. And unchanged in shape and colour! Few other articles are known that have been able to survive over such a long period of time in a breathless and changing market - and that after 100 years are still as "fresh" as on the first day. The exhibition takes you into the world of these messengers of heaven. The angels take you back to their origins and invite you on a journey around the world. More than 250 eleven-point angels, including real rarities and rare variants, amaze the visitors. Historical drawings, photographs, press articles and documents from the company's own archive trace the life of the Elfpunkte angels in text and pictures. Very personal stories about the collectors' favourite angels give insight into the world of their fans and testify to the gift of the Elfpunkte angels to touch people. In a hands-on activity for visitors young and old, they literally get up close and personal with the angels.
The family-friendly museum offers experiences for young and old and introduces visitors to the world of angels and flower children with a variety of stations. Discovery tours - child-friendly guided tours that follow the path of the wood to the finished figure - qualify the youngest to become little wood art experts. This makes the Wendt & Kühn World an exceptional destination for the whole family all year round.

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