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Show days at Wendt & Kühn

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Show days at the traditional Wendt & Kühn manufactory in Grünhainichen: Finally experience masterful craftsmanship again

On 15 and 16 June 2024, the doors of the Wendt & Kühn manufactory will open for the Show Days. Every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., visitors can experience how the cheerful flower children and the world-famous Elfpunkte angels are created by hand in the workshops. Admission is free. This year, a visit is doubly worthwhile: Grünhainichen, where the manufactory has been based for over 100 years, is celebrating its 675th anniversary in 2024 with a Festival Week (7 to 16 June 2024), which will culminate in a grand finale on the weekend of the show.

Experience masterful craftsmanship: On a tour of the workshops, visitors can look over the shoulders of the artisans, marvel and talk shop. They learn how the filigree figures are skilfully glued, "dipped" and painted. The wood store and the turnery provide an insight into the world of wood and its processing. It is possible to explore the workshops on your own or join a guided tour.

A colourful programme for the whole family invites you to linger - while creating at the handicraft street, tying flower wreaths at the floristry stand or enjoying coffee and cake in the Schautage Café. A photo in the lovingly decorated photo backdrop will keep the memory of this day alive.

Tomorrow's wooden toy maker: Interested parties can find out more about the "wooden toy maker" apprenticeship and career opportunities (including lateral entry). Using VR (virtual reality) glasses, visitors can get a deceptively real insight into the premises of the vocational school in Seiffen - and even work on a virtual workpiece themselves.

Highlight to the power of two: A trip to Grünhainichen is worthwhile twice over on these days: the town is celebrating its 675th anniversary in 2024 with a large local festival. Numerous activities await visitors during the festival week (7 to 16 June 2024). A very special highlight is the "standing parade" on the Sunday of the festival (16 June), where visitors - unlike a "moving parade" - can stroll past the various stations and take a walk along the festival route. History and traditions are presented and various activities are offered. Wendt & Kühn will also be there, bringing angels and flower children "to life". A small choir and the instrumentalists of the Mozart Children of the Sächsische Mozart-Gesellschaft e.V. invite you to listen and linger in front of a heavenly backdrop.

A special figure keeps the memory of an eventful day alive: The "Angel with Wooden Toy" was specially designed for the town's anniversary. It will be produced exclusively in 2024 and will be available for the first time during the show days (exclusively in Wendt & Kühn's own shops in Grünhainichen and Seiffen). The angel proves himself to be a skilful wooden toy maker in the production of the miniature railway, little tree and angel of light - a profession that has a long tradition in Grünhainichen.

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