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Royal Easter in Bad Elster

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The renowned spa town of Bad Elster in the heart of the European music and spa region will also be celebrating a historic anniversary in 2024: in 2024, the town will celebrate its first documented mention 700 years ago.

The international cultural and festival town of Bad Elster offers a historically unique "festival mile of short distances" with major festival series and a wide variety of themed events throughout the year, inviting guests from near and far to enjoy an eventful feel-good holiday combining nature, culture and health in the royal grounds of the Saxon state spa.

In addition to an extensive cultural programme, special Easter offers will once again enrich the stay in the royal grounds of Bad Elster during the royal Easter holidays: the historic Goethe fountain shines as a colourfully decorated Easter fountain on the Vogtland Easter trail, the popular Easter bouquet exhibition enriches the fountain temple of the "Marienquelle"" and guided Easter walks invite you into the royal grounds.

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