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O-SEE Challenge 2024

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O-SEE Challenge again in 2024 in the Zittau Mountains Nature Park with the status of a German Championship.

The memories and emotions of the high-class competitions of the O-SEE Challenge 2023 still resonate. And only 5 weeks after this national triathlon highlight, the German Triathlon Union (DTU) awards the German Cross Triathlon Championships for 2024 to Zittau/Olbersdorf again.

O-SEE Sports would like to take this opportunity to thank the DTU for the trust it has once again placed in the host club in the border triangle and would like to extend an invitation - to the O-SEE Challenge 2024 from 16 - 18 August 2024 in the Zittau Mountains Nature Park. Then the tranquil North Beach at Olbersdorfer See will once again be transformed into a lively O-SEE City for a weekend and the Zittau Mountains Nature Park will once again be the venue for high-class triathlon competitions at various distances and formats - at world level and with international flair.

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