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Mt. Everest Stair Race

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Climb Everest but stay in Saxony? You can try on 10 May 2025 at the Saxon Mt Everest Stair Marathon. The Saxon Mt Everest Stair Marathon has been an extreme sports event on the Spitzhaustreppe in Radebeul-Oberlößnitz since 2005 and is one of the toughest stair races in the world. In 100 laps, runners tackle a total of 39,700 steps up and down, the difference in altitude is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest. This unique event is an opportunity to test your limits and experience a unique adventure in the beautiful surroundings of Radebeul. 

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Spitzhaustreppe Radebeul
Knohllweg 35
01445 Radebeul

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www: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spitzhaustreppe

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