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Maker Advent Chemnitz 2024

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Capital of Culture means: Join in. Is there a better occasion for this than the Advent season? From 25 November to 23 December 2024, workshops, associations, artists and creative people are inviting you to work, turn, lace, print, bake, make hats and sing together. Let your creativity run wild, visit places you haven't been to before and meet people who share your passion for craftsmanship, art and culinary delights.

The aim of this campaign is to motivate people to go beyond consumerism and create their own products and learn new (craft) skills in the process. The courses and workshops help to strengthen the maker mentality and sense of community, while at the same time inspiring guests in the city and region for local traditions and cultural heritage.

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Maker Advent Chemnitz 2024
Hartmannstraße 5
09111 Chemnitz

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tel.: 0371/243513 60

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