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Hat Festival 2025 - Street Art in Chemnitz

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Chapeau Chemnitz! At the 8th. HUTFESTIVAL, the city centre becomes a large open-air theatre and shows multifaceted, international street art

Every year during the last weekend in May the “HUTFESTIVAL - the festival of street art” transforms the alleyways and squares in Chemnitz city centre for three days  into a large open-air stage for international artists, performers, and musicians. Regional and international acts showcase multifaceted street art in over 200 shows, ensuring crowded alleyways and smiling faces. The 8th "HUTDESTIVAL" will be celebrated between May 30 and June 1 in 2025. By 2025, the festival will be expanded to include further venues in the city center. The HUTFESTVAL is characterized by the diversity of art and the tangible proximity between audience and artist. Furthermore, it appeals to all ages across all generations. Surprises, amazement, dreams and magic - that is what street art is about. Around every corner something entertaining, touching, artistic and unexpected awaits you. It‘s typical for street artists to play "on their hats". It is also typical of the festival that guests themselves wear hats in all variations. For 2025, an artistic intervention is planned as opening event. Under the title "Chapeau Chemnitz" Chemnitz’ citizens will act together with the visitors.

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