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December concerts by Leipzig University Music

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Leipzig's university music has a long tradition - Richard Wagner, Robert Schumann and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy all studied and performed at the Saxon university. Leipzig University Music has become an integral part of the city's cultural life. The performances of choral symphonic works by the university choir, the end-of-semester concerts by the university orchestra in the Gewandhaus, the performances by the UniBigBand in jazz clubs, numerous organ concerts and the Leipzig University Music Days are eloquent testimony to this.

The university choir, the university orchestra, the Unibigband and many other ensembles today offer music-loving students and teachers a creative field of activity. The University Orchestra is a full symphony orchestra with currently around 100 members. It was founded in 2004 and maintains a sponsorship with the MDR symphony orchestra.  The university choir also has around 100 students and celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2006. It plays an important role in Leipzig's musical life, but also gives guest concerts throughout Europe, for example in 2008 in the largest Gothic church in the world, Seville Cathedral. His repertoire includes a cappella works from the 16th to 20th centuries, as well as large requiems and oratorios. The Leipzig University Choir regularly performs at university church services and university vespers in Leipzig's St Nicholas' Church and St Thomas' Church. The Unibigband, which was founded in 2006, can also look back on many successful concerts and is a prizewinner of the international big band festival "Swinging Saxonia".

The following concerts await you in December:
  • 01.12.2023, 19:30 | Paulinum - Aula und Universitätskirche St.Pauli  Concert by the Unibigband Leipzig as part of the Unimusiktage      Organ: David Timm, Conductor: Reiko Brockelt                                      arrangements and compositions by Chris Walden to Reiko Brockelt and David Timm, also with organ and solo voice                                                    Admission: VVK 13/8 euros; box office 15/10 euros/remaining tickets for students 5 euros

  • 02.12.2023, 19:30 | Paulinum - Aula and University Church St.Pauli  Gamelan concert as part of the University Music Days                                      Group "Suara Nakal"                                                                                      Organ: David Timm                                                                                                The gamelan group Suara Nakal and David Timm on the Schwalbennest organ enter into a dialogue between Balinese music of the 20th century and organ improvisations. Century and organ improvisations                                      Admission: VVK and AK 10/5 Euro

  • 10.12.2023, 5 pm | Paulinum - Aula und Universitätskirche St.Pauli  Jazz in St. Pauli- Advent improvisation concert                    Jazzduo Timm-Brockelt                                                                                Reiko Brockelt: Saxophone                                                                                David Timm: Organ                                                                        klimbimm.with.timm(at)googlemail.com                                                              Admission: VVK 13/8 Euro; box office 15/10 Euro/remaining tickets for students 5 Euro

  • 17.12.2023, 4 pm and 7:30 pm | Paulinum - Aula und Universitätskirche St. Pauli                                                                          Johann Sebastian Bach, Christmas Oratorio BWV 248, Cantatas IV - VI                                                                                                                                        Lisa Maira Rothländer, Soprano                                                                               Julia Böhme, Alt                                                                                                        Hwan Cheol Ahn, Tenor                                                                                Matthias Vieweg, Bass                                                                                                  Leipzig University Choir                                                                                          Pauliner Barockensemble on historical instruments                            Daniel Beilschmidt, organ                                                                               Management: UMD David Timm                                                                            Admission: VVK 18/8 Euro; box office 20/10 Euro/remaining tickets for students 5 Euro

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